Ansie and Kolbe Anema

Kolbe and Ansie Anema, teachers of Transcendental Meditation since 1983, have been running a successful TM Centre in Pretoria ever since then.

“TM has completely transformed our lives and it gets better every day! It has literally saved my life a few times over,” Kolbe says.  “There is nothing so life-transforming for the better in every respect. TM is not connected to, or associated with, any  religion; but it enhances and enlivens all spiritual values in one stroke.”
We have been privileged to have taught thousands of school children and hundreds of adults from all walks of life over these years. Almost everyone remarks, soon after learning TM, “If only I had done this years ago!” This proves the point of its effectiveness in all areas of life and to the whole of society.

We hold free TM Introductory sessions every Wednesday evening at 6.30pm at our centre at
268 van Heerden Street, Capital Park, Pretoria.
Sometimes if time allows we hold one also on a Saturday morning at 11h00.
Please phone us to book: 012 321 5443 or 076 334 5651.

We have regular meetings for people who have already learned TM, on Thursday evenings at 6.30pm — which is a wonderful opportunity to recharge our energy levels again.